Where do my fundraising dollars go?

what some of our teachers DID WITH THEIR ptso gift money …

Back in December — thanks to the fundraising support of our AWESOME involved Sutter parents — the PTSO was able to give Sutter teachers a holiday gift of $100 each, which they were invited to put toward any supplies they need for their classrooms. They were most appreciative!!! Here’s how some of them used the extra money:

    • Susan Scott, ELA & World History/7th Grade: general supplies like markers, a good pencil sharpener and binders for groups to keep their group assignments in
    • Gino Dobrescu, Algebra A: plastic rules (a set of 40) and black and red pens for notes given, and tissue boxes
    • Kelly O’Neill, Art: Sign Shop supplies (a large variety of markers and tempera paint) and colored poster board for mounting student projects
    • Meritt Freer, Science/7th Grade GATE: petri dishes and agar (bacteria food) to grow bacteria class; also some office supplies
    • Jody Cooperman, ELA & U.S. History/8th Grade GATE: a notebook for each student for upcoming unit on the Holocaust (students will document their reactions to speakers, the Museum of Tolerance in L.A., and the reading of “Night”; the notebooks say “What We Do Matters.”
    • Jennifer Peters, ELA & World History/7th Grade GATE: a classroom set of student dry erase boards to use for in-class practices and test-prep games
    • Gayle Herlehy, Special Education/SED: lined paper, pencils, tissues and copy paper
    • Vicki Karlovich, Science/8th Grade GATE: consumable chemistry kits (such as “Insta-Worms”) and a demonstration of chemiluminescence
    • Nancy Woods, ELA & World History/7th Grade: cardstock paper (“to make an art-related study guide that makes concepts more reachable”), plus more supplies to be ordered soon
    • Christina Lanzaro, Teacher Librarian/P.E.: book jacket covers, book tape, filament tape, glue sticks & genre stickers
    • Kyle Heckey, Science/8th Grade: 3″ x 5″ cards for student to use to study for the 1-30 element quiz; also will be purchasing a bunch of glue sticks for the students to use on their notebook content
    • Elizabeth Henrikson, ELA & World History/7th Grade GATE: whiteboard markers for the students to use on their personal whiteboards and poster boards for activities in History; also put money toward a new remote control for Powerpoint presentations


Makes possible:  Acquisition of equipment/supplies for the school that otherwise would not be available, such as a new sound system for the cafeteria; classroom curriculum enhancement; seventh-grade picnic and eighth-grade promotion events, eighth-grade final dance, family social events and community activites; promotion and support of extracurricular activities and clubs; staff appreciation events; office appreciation events; end-of-year luncheon; enhanced school communication through PTSO Newsflash! e-announcements and website information.
Income generated by: PTSO Membership Drive; Script, Raleys and Nugget shopping cards; Macy’s Community Shopping Day; Restaurant Fundraisers (Suzie Burger, Paragary’s); Open House Pasta Night or MoFo (Mobile Food truck) Festival; Summer Fireworks Stand.

Managed by: PTSO Board Members


Makes possible: student activities and programs including DJ’s and decorations for school dances; sporting league fees and entry fees; Red Ribbon Week expenses; help with buses for Six Flags trip; printing of the Urban Miner student publication and eighth-grade promotion booklets; seventh-grade picnic; cd/music sound system for lunch and student events; partial sponsorship for field trips; and many other student activities. General Student Body funds cannot be used for classroom instructional material.
Income generated by: Annual Entertainment Booklet and the Jogathon fundraisers.
Managed by: Sutter Middle School/Office Staff


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