Show Sutter Some Love!


It’s time to Show Sutter Some Love!  Last year our Sutter Love Campaign raised enough money to pay for some significant campus improvements including commissioning of our two murals and contributing to the new school garden.

This year, we’ve increased our goal in hopes of raising enough money to retrofit the bleachers in the gym, which are showing significant signs of wear and tear, along with a few other beautification efforts.

No sales.  No volunteer hours.  No guilty obligation to purchase something.  Just click and donate!

What’s in it for our students?  Campus pride and NO HOMEWORK.  For every $8,000 raised, our children will receive one night of no homework, beginning with Wednesday, February 14th – the night of the school dance. When we hit our goal of $24,000 students will receive a total of 3 nights of no homework leading in to the President’s Day weekend.

We hope you will join us in Showing Sutter Love by contributing today!

Click here to support Sutter Love 2018 organized by Gina Franck Ketcher


Sheri Graciano 2017 – 2018 PTSO President


On Wednesday, February 14th, show some fundraising love and come eat at Panda Express at 5801 Folsom Blvd.

Print this flyer and show it to them or show them this page!!!!!



You Showed Sutter Some Serious Love!

Check out the new beautiful mural that was completed with the Sutter Love funds.

Stay tuned to show Sutter Love in 2018! Our next campaign swings into action February 3 – 12.

Thanks Sutter!