Welcome to Sutter Middle School 2020-2021       

First FUNDRAISER of 2020!

Make dinner easy and stop by Chipotle at 5738 Folsom Blvd. on Wednesday, September 16th between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.  Please bring this flyer.  We need your support this year more than ever.

On behalf of the PTSO, welcome to Sutter Middle School! The PTSO is an organization comprised of parents, teachers, and students working together as a team to enrich and improve the educational experiences at Sutter Middle School. Our PTSO is independent from the National and State PTAs, which means 100% of dues and funds raised are used for Sutter PTSO programs, such as:

  • equipment/supplies for the school
  • increasing technology for students
  • funding for 7th grade picnic and 8th grade promotion
  • staff appreciation events
  • extracurricular activities for students
  • social events and community activities
  • school communication – PTSO web page/social media

During the 2019-20 school year, the Sutter PTSO raised more than $30,000 to support Sutter needs, including technology purchases (laptops, cameras, printers), stipends to support extracurricular activities, and campus beautification (new fans to keep the gym cool during events). In addition, the PTSO donated money to each of the Sutter teacher classroom funds to be used for enrichment and supplies.

Join the Sutter PTSO now and support our school!

We are always open to new ideas! Feel free to contact us if you would like to share ideas at