Huge thank you to Suzie Burger for their fundraiser last week! They donated $320 dollars to the PTSO!

So many fundraisers, so little time. … And yet, without these fundraisers, where would we be?  At Sutter we try to choose win-win fundraisers that help you to save on purchases you’re already in the habit of making anyway — think groceries, meals out, professional car washes, karate lessons,  a trip to the zoo … the list goes on. Parents get savings, while Sutter gets the resources it needs and continues to thrive as the “Pride of the City.” The school’s two main fundraisers — the Entertainment Booklet and the Jogathon — happen in the fall and do wonders for the Student Body Fund.

In addition to these successful long-standing fundraising traditions, the PTSO is exploring options for a special parent evening some time in the future — so we grown-ups can all have a little fun getting to know each other while at the same time raising some cold, hard cash for our kids. … So stay tuned, and always feel free to share ideas and suggestions.

If you want to stay in the loop on what’s-happening-when, be sure to make friends with Sutter’s Calendar of Events so you are always poised to take advantage of the many opportunities awaiting you.

For details on fundraisers, visit the links below. Some are run by the PTSO, and some are run by the school itself — but all are here for the benefit of your child.

Raise funds while you shop/eat!
Where do my fundraising dollars go?

Questions about Fundraising Programs? ContactDina Meylink /PTSO Fundraising Director;


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