Raise Funds While You Shop

PTSO RESTAURANT NIGHTS Talk about eating to win! Restaurant Nights are a great opportunity to eat for a good cause: Patronize the restaurants below on specified days,  and a portion of proceeds will go to the PTSO for the benefit of your child. Watch the School Calendar for scheduled days.  Questions about Restaurant Nights? Contact: mail@sutterptso.com

Office Depot OFFICE DEPOT “5% BACK TO SCHOOLS” PROGRAM  Every time you hit the checkout at Office Depot, ask to have your purchases credited to Sutter Middle School’s account. No card needed; simply verbally request credit go to Sutter Middle School! Please make sure that they choose the correct “Sutter Middle School” as there is a Sutter in Folsom, our number ends in a 16. They will give our school credits equal to 5 percent of the qualifying purchases in the form of Office Depot Merchandise Cards, which can be used towards FREE supplies for Sutter! Questions? Contact: Dina Meylink / Fundraising Director; mail@sutterptso.com 

Grocery Card Programs!

Are you signed up for Raleys/Bel Air or Safeway grocery card programs? Each store gives our school a donation based on what you spend when you shop, and all you have to do is swipe your card! These programs have brought in over $1,000 for Sutter in just the past couple months. If you haven’t requested your cards, please take a moment to get them today!


Save Mart Supermarkets SAVEMART S.H.A.R.E.S Powered by eScrip! Start by visiting www.savemart.com/shares. During the registration process, you will select up to three benefit organizations. Use your phone number to start earning points for Sutter!  Please see this PDF Save Mart Share Program for additional information. Questions?  mail@sutterptso.com 

SafewaySAFEWAY GROCERY SHOPPING-CARD PROGRAM: Cards are available in the Sutter office.  More “free” money for Sutter everytime you use it!  Go to www.escrip.com to register your Safeway card and link it to Sutter Middle School (click on option #1/”Sign up for free”). Questions? mail@sutterptso.com

Any questions regarding these programs, please email us at mail@sutterptso.com

Thank you for supporting Sutter Middle School.

You’re Sutter PTSO



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