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Please support Sutter Middle School’s fireworks booth during this Fourth of July season by coming by and purchasing all of your firework needs! In addition, please pass the word within your various communities, friends, and families and let them know as well!

With the amazing Sutter Family’s support, we can make this year the best ever! 

Sutter Middle School’s Fourth of July Fireworks Committee will need volunteers, 18 and over, to staff our booth from 9:00 am Sunday, June 28th through Sunday, July 5th. We are seeking shift volunteers, shift leads and Day Captains to help rock this years booth! 

Please open the following Google Doc URL to sign up for a shift or shifts >><<

During the 2014/2015 school year, your Sutter PTSO purchased 200 new chairs, Mac Books for the teachers, and donated over $17,000 towards Robotic Kits, Cameras, as well as funded the Sutter Creativity and Innovation lab. We would really like to break  the $12,000 mark in 2015!!  Will you help?

The Sutter Middle School Fireworks Booth will be located at the River Park Shopping Center, 5485 Carlson Dr. Sacramento, CA 95819.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Your Sutter PTSO

Thank you to all our sponsors! Your help made the 2014/2015 school year one of the best ever!

Summer Internship Opportunity:

The Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services has 15 Summer Internships available.  Learn new and valuable skills, build your resume and make new friends.  They are looking for teens age 13 to 15 that are interested in giving back to the community, while gaining valuable work experience, participate in a 7 week Summer Internship and in a Job Readiness Camp.  If you are interested in this internship – please come see your counselor in room 102 ASAP.

Please open this document teen_interns2015 for more information. Please fill out the  Teen Internship Application 2015 if you are interested!

Remember!! Jamba Juice sales on campus after school every Friday! Help support Sutter! Jamba Juice

Thank you to all who made our Sutter Night at Chipotle a great success!

To all Sutter 8th Grade families,  up to date area High School tour dates and information is now available on the Sutter PTSO/High School Tours and Parent Information webpage.

In addition, please visit the Sutter PTSO Oktoberfest page to see a list of our amazing sponsors who made this event ROCK!!!

Stop by and say hello and thank them in person!

Thank you to the amazing Staff who give so much to our kids!


Sutter PTSO

4 responses to “SUTTER HAPPENINGS

  1. I did not follow instructions. I wanted 2 tickets for Oktoberfest so I donated $80 to Sutter Middle school. Thanks for your help. My email is

  2. Where would I go to find the budget? I’d like to review your spendings before I decide if I would like to support the organization in any way.

  3. Supported the PTSO Chipotle night and wondered how successful it was. What was the percentage that Sutter got, and is it something to consider doing more than once? I think that it would be most helpful for our parents to know what the profit was that evening so that they might promote outsiders to support these events, too.
    I say this since many families are not able to support the major functions, however, would be willing to support ones that “feed” their family members at the same time without any additional cost.

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