The 2015 Sutter PTSO Oktoberfest will be on Friday the 16th from 6:00 to 10:00 PM! Go to the Oktoberfest page for details!

Remember!! Jamba Juice sales on campus after school every Friday! Help support Sutter!

Jamba Juice

Thank you to all who made our Sutter Night at Chipotle a great success!

To all Sutter 8th Grade families,  up to date area High School tour dates and information will be published as soon as the information is received on the Sutter PTSO/High School Tours and Parent Information webpage.

Thank you to the amazing Staff who give so much to our kids!


Sutter PTSO

5 responses to “SUTTER HAPPENINGS

  1. I did not follow instructions. I wanted 2 tickets for Oktoberfest so I donated $80 to Sutter Middle school. Thanks for your help. My email is

  2. Where would I go to find the budget? I’d like to review your spendings before I decide if I would like to support the organization in any way.

  3. Supported the PTSO Chipotle night and wondered how successful it was. What was the percentage that Sutter got, and is it something to consider doing more than once? I think that it would be most helpful for our parents to know what the profit was that evening so that they might promote outsiders to support these events, too.
    I say this since many families are not able to support the major functions, however, would be willing to support ones that “feed” their family members at the same time without any additional cost.

  4. Thank you so very much for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon last Thursday. The food and ambiance was fabulous! PTSO is always very supportive of the staff and students at Sutter. You ROCK!

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